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Bravo Trailers Standard Features

Standard Features

Scout Star ICON
.030 Exterior Skin Yes Yes Yes
3/4" Plywood Floor Yes Yes Yes
Sealed Floors Yes Yes Yes
3/8" Interior Sidewalls Yes Yes Yes
Protected Wiring Yes Yes Yes
Side Door Yes Yes Yes
Sidewall Vents Yes Yes Yes
12V Interior Lights Yes Yes Yes
Tube Frame Construction Yes Yes Yes
Tube Wall Posts - Yes Yes
TPO Cap - Yes Yes
Seamless Aluminum Roof - Yes Yes
Roof Flashing Yes Yes Yes
Steel Backers Yes Yes Yes
LED Tail Lights Yes Yes Yes
Drop Axle Yes Yes Yes
Polished Cast Corners - opt Yes
Aluminum Wheels opt opt Yes
Torsion Axles - opt Yes
Radial Tires - Yes Yes
Screwless Exterior (VHB) - opt Yes
Wide Entry Rear Ramp Door - - Yes
Additional Options Available Yes Yes Yes
Available Sizes 5x8 SA - 8.5x24 TA2 6x10 SA - 8.5x28 TA3 Tag: 8.5x20 - 8.5x34
Fifthwheel / Gooseneck: 34' - 52'


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